Welcome to the original Room 402.

The original Room 402 lived in New York City on the 4th floor of a Beaux-Arts style public school building completed in 1905 as P.S. 38. Today, it’s the home of the NYC iSchool, a small public high school that’s at the forefront of the movement towards contemporary learning experiences characterized by purposeful work and powerful questions.

I taught – and learned – there for four years. This website survives as an archive of curriculum and student work from Room 402, where my students and I studied film, journalism, comics, maps, games, people and many other things. Room 402 reminds me of the many ways my students interrogated the world, and stands as a record of their inquiry.

Today, I lead a Los Angeles-based consulting practice that provides professional development to schools. Learn more about consulting opportunities at www.roomfourzerotwo.com or contact me at christina@roomfourzerotwo.com.

– Christina Jenkins, 2018

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