Thank you, Sixteen!

Dear Sixteen,

Ms. Fay and I found out a week or so ago that, thanks to The Sixteen Project, we will have the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia this summer to do ethnographic fieldwork – the same type of work you all do in our classes. We’re expecting to visit Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Singapore. We’ll be documenting the entire trip in film, and we’re looking forward to bringing back footage, artifacts and many stories in September. We’re deeply grateful to the Fund for Teachers, and to each of the Sixteen classes we’ve taught since 2010. Thank you!!

Jenkins + Fay

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  1. […] Ms. Fay and I announced this past spring that we will be traveling to Vietnam and Laos this summer, thanks to a grant we received from the Fund for Teachers for our work with The Sixteen Project. We’ve both become even more interested in anthropology and fieldwork through teaching this class, and we proposed this trip as a way of doing the same type of work ourselves (filmmaking, participant observation, ethnography) that we ask our students to engage with in our classrooms. When we return in September, we expect to bring back a dramatically different perspective on Sixteen (the age and the class), and we look forward to reimagining it again as we do every term. […]

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