News from Room 402 / Early February 2012

Above: The iSchool Technovation Challenge team, designing gifts for each other at their first meeting in late January. Our group of 11 girls, 9-11th graders, will compete against teams across the city to design a mobile app for science education.

Game Design: We’ve spent the past couple of weeks working on two different challenges – one on balancing skill and chance in board games, and most recently on designing a game inspired by an unusual object. We’re working on games about pirates, ants, dinosaurs and ogres, among others – we’ll be finishing those up this week, and then moving on to the final challenge of the course.

Sixteen: We’ve been working on Life in a Day films for the past few weeks, a project inspired by YouTube’s documentary about life around the world on July 24, 2010. After practicing with some of the footage that YouTube users uploaded, students shot their own footage over Regents Week and are editing those films now. We’ve also worked with two filmmakers (Sam Torres, Caitlin McNally) and an anthropologist (Angélica Torres) over the past few weeks to learn more about their professions and to get their feedback on our work. Also, check out the photo essay on the iSchool in THE Journal last week – Sixteen is mentioned on page 11.

Senior Projects: Regents Week was Critique Week for students completing senior projects. They presented their work in small groups for faculty and guest critics (Eulani Labay, Parsons; Jenny Johns, FEED; Brandon Hall, filmmaker; Dylan Snowden, Upright Citizens Brigade) to hear feedback ahead of their final deadline in mid-March.

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