News From Room 402 / November 2013 update

Above: Rocio, Dylan and Anthony celebrate International Day of the Girl 2013 in October / photo credit MingRoseC on flickr Some first quarter highlights: Global Feminism ended with final projects that ranged from films to workshops to zines that addressed topics ranging from street harassment to understanding hip hop through a feminist lens (examples here … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / September 2013 update

Above: Mackenzie, Athena and Patricia study a Rand McNally road map of the city, and discover that Central Park is terribly distorted on the MTA’s subway map We’re offering a number of really exciting classes this fall! This is what we’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks: Global Feminism – This module … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / November 2012

Above: For his final cartography project, Max located an Indonesian island in Google Maps and asked a number of people what they thought it was based on its silhouette. He screenprinted the island on the front of his shirt, and the back depicts the responses. We closed the quarter on Friday with a number of … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / September 2012

Above: Ms. Fay and I traveled to Southeast Asia this summer, thanks to a Fund for Teachers grant we received through our work with The Sixteen Project. Learn more here, and if you’re a teacher, check out Cartography: This course is all about mapping. We look at maps from political, artistic, digital, emotional and mathematical … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / Early April, 2012

Above: Kevin and Izzy working on their map projection project on the whiteboard walls Cartography: This course uses mapping to ask questions about how we perceive the world, how images are used to illustrate statistics and tell stories, and how we translate 3D spaces to 2D surfaces. We began the course by drawing outlines of the … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / Mid-March, 2012

Above: The final film in Sixteen is a documentary of a youth subculture. “Bronies” refers to boys (and men) who watch “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” Game Design: The final challenge concludes on Wednesday! The photo on the homepage of this site is of Maria working on her final game; you can find additional … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / Early February 2012

Above: The iSchool Technovation Challenge team, designing gifts for each other at their first meeting in late January. Our group of 11 girls, 9-11th graders, will compete against teams across the city to design a mobile app for science education. Game Design: We’ve spent the past couple of weeks working on two different challenges – … Continue reading