News from Room 402 / November 2012

Above: For his final cartography project, Max located an Indonesian island in Google Maps and asked a number of people what they thought it was based on its silhouette. He screenprinted the island on the front of his shirt, and the back depicts the responses.

We closed the quarter on Friday with a number of incredible final projects in design, cartography and Sixteen. Some examples:

In design, Gabby and Carol responded to the final challenge (“propose something to improve the iSchool community”) with a project to create transparent mini-people in the windows throughout the 4th and 5th floors. They catch the light in the morning, and they’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from students in the halls.

In cartography, the final challenge was to propose a ~10-hour project that advanced our thinking around mapping in some way. Ehad depicted poor eyesight in the United States with a map that used tape to obscure the names of the states with the highest percentage of visually impaired residents.  Zineb created a 3D “underwater” map to depict the depth at which various sea creatures live. Sara created the United States in cookies and Albania in cake. And, Duncan compared countries by physical size and population using foam shapes.

In Sixteen, the final project asked students to document a youth subculture in film. Alex and Rondell interviewed “bikers,” a community they were unfamiliar with before beginning the project. Katie and Sally documented the chess community. Alena and Farzana documented the deaf community, and Kyra and Wendy investigated the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

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