News From Room 402 / January 2014 update – Senior Projects!


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In late January, more than 70 of our seniors finished up their work in our Senior Projects class and presented films, short talks, inventions, games, art, books, horror manga and a robot in three separate events:

The Academic Symposium, which featured 16 students sharing brief presentations and doing TED-like talks, was held at HERE Arts Center on January 24th. The Film Festival, hosted in the same space that evening, featured 15 short films on topics ranging from food justice to the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The Interactive Show, held at the iSchool on January 28th, featured work from more than 30 students in everything from 3D design to a dance class for children. Photos from all three events are available on Flickr.

The senior project is the academic capstone of the iSchool experience. The January shows were the culmination of a three-quarter process, beginning in the spring of the Junior year with a methods course in a discipline of the students’ choice. In the fall of the Senior year, all students take a Research and Writing course that invites them to propose a research question connected to their areas of interest and to write a literature review in response. Finally, the Senior Projects class asks students to propose and execute a project that’s situated in their specific area of inquiry.

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