A report from #TeamiSchool at EduCon …

Above: Moctar, Nasyria, Isiah, Tianni (seated), Chloe + Jenkins at EduCon 2.6, January 2014
(Photo Credit: Michelle Leimsider)

Last fall, four of my former “Media Lab” students (it’s now called Physical Computing) proposed – and were later accepted – to lead a workshop/conversation at EduCon in Philadelphia. Their workshop focused on the experience of taking my class, experiencing frustration, asking Google (and each other) for help, and making it work in a course where I didn’t know much more (or any more) than they did. Their EduCon workshop introduced participants to the magic of paper circuits (using copper tape, LEDs, and coin cell batteries) and then asked them to replicate those circuits using sewable LEDs and conductive thread. The 90-minute session was totally organized and facilitated by Nasyria, Isiah, Tianni and Chloe. (Moctar, above, and the others led a second workshop later the same day on student voice at the iSchool.)

The same team was invited to present their workshop at Digital Media and Learning in Boston this March, and they’re looking to apply to a Maker Faire in Connecticut in April. Photos from their EduCon workshops are here.


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