Eyetracking + reading habits.

We talked today about how a reader’s eyes will skim over the printed page – and why, then, ledes are so important. Check out the results of this study by the Poynter Institute, which used eyetracking to evaluate what a reader retains when he/she reads content in print and online. The study found that readers … Continue reading

design is visiting the cooper hewitt!

We’re going to check out the Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Triennial show on Monday, October 4th at 3:30. Check out the website here: http://cooperhewitt.org/EXHIBITIONS/triennial/why-design-now.asp

white/black-board animations.

Let’s do this. The process: Linear storytelling / whiteboard: Circular storytelling / blackboard:

The Animation Project.

The Sony Wonder Lab does a free after-school program for high school students interested in stop motion animation. Check out the description from Ms. Leimsider’s email below .. FREE SONY Wonder Lab’s Animation Project – Mandatory Information Session September 28th This free after school program is for high school students interested in obtaining hands-on experience … Continue reading