GPS + Compasses = Let’s go geocaching and orienteering!

Thanks to a generous donation via from the folks at Seattle-based Groundspeak, Room 402 just received a brand new Garmin GPS and 6 new compasses! We’re planning a field trip for early November to the Queens Museum of Art to check out the scale model of New York City and to do some geocaching … Continue reading

Thank you, Sixteen!

Dear Sixteen, Ms. Fay and I found out a week or so ago that, thanks to The Sixteen Project, we will have the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia this summer to do ethnographic fieldwork – the same type of work you all do in our classes. We’re expecting to visit Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / Late September 2011

Game Design: We’ve spent the past few classes working with game mechanics – that is, the rules that determine what players do in a game. For example, “fighting” or “capturing.” Game design challenge #2, which is due on Monday, October 3, asks designers to match a mechanic with a theme so that those two are … Continue reading

GothamSchools on #Disastercamp, Sixteen, and iMovie

GothamSchools posted a piece yesterday about our students who presented their work at the New York Times’ Schools for Tomorrow event. Check out the full piece at They highlight #Disastercamp, Sixteen and iMovie. Cheers to Piel, Chanel, Bria + Izzy!

One take.

We were talking about the OK Go / Rube Goldberg machine video during advisory on Tuesday – here’s the video from Vimeo:


Open House New York is a weekend that celebrates architecture / design / urban things all around the city. There are tours of places that aren’t usually open to the public, like artist studios. Check it out at

How The L.A. Times Broke The Bell Corruption Story

The LA Times broke a story in July about how city officials in Bell, CA – a city in Los Angeles County – were paying themselves extraordinarily high salaries. For example, the city’s chief administrative officer, who manages the city’s operations, was paid $1.5 million per year; by way of comparison, city managers in neighboring … Continue reading