News from Room 402 / Early November 2011

Game Design: We’ve just about to conclude our fourth game design challenge, which was inspired by restaurants! Some of the games designed over the past two weeks played on running delivery routes, earning tips, “cooking” food, rating restaurants and keeping businesses afloat; all of them incorporated some balance of chance, skill and a mechanic that … Continue reading

Please support Room 402 on Donors Choose!

As you may have heard, the iSchool will be installing 500 square feet of whiteboard paint in public spaces around the school in early November. This is worth more than $2000 in paint!, and we’re really excited to use it to create common areas for collaboration, drawing and spontaneous ideas. This also means we need … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / Mid-October 2011

Game Design: We’ve spent the past couple of weeks examining the difference between chance and skill elements in games, and in particular looking at the effect those elements have on “fun” and engagement. We’ve created variations on Battleship (largely a game of luck; we added elements of skill) and Tic-Tac-Toe (a game of skill, albeit … Continue reading

IdeaPaint 360 contest update: We won!

Cheers to Alexis + Celina for putting together a winning entry for IdeaPaint’s classroom makeover contest! GothamSchools wrote up a piece about the iSchool and this competition – check it out here. (The photo above is via GothamSchools.)

The iSchool’s entry for the IdeaPaint360 contest!

Last week, Alexis and Celina came in with an idea: What if we had more IdeaPaint-ed surfaces around the school? I mentioned that IdeaPaint, the manufacturer of the whiteboard paint on the Room 402 tables, was running a makeover contest for schools to reimagine their spaces, and they created this film in two days to … Continue reading

News from Room 402 / Late September 2011

Game Design: We’ve spent the past few classes working with game mechanics – that is, the rules that determine what players do in a game. For example, “fighting” or “capturing.” Game design challenge #2, which is due on Monday, October 3, asks designers to match a mechanic with a theme so that those two are … Continue reading

GothamSchools on #Disastercamp, Sixteen, and iMovie

GothamSchools posted a piece yesterday about our students who presented their work at the New York Times’ Schools for Tomorrow event. Check out the full piece at They highlight #Disastercamp, Sixteen and iMovie. Cheers to Piel, Chanel, Bria + Izzy!